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Natural Latex Mattresses

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Natural Latex Mattresses

We use genuine natural rubber in our mattress.  No cheap polyurethane foam bases to reduce costs. Enjoy the total comfort and durability associated with a real latex mattress.

Why do we only offer only latex mattresses? Buying a mattress is difficult.  Gel. Memory Foam. Dunlop. Talalay.  All those features and gadgets are superfluous.  Why does it have to be confusing?  It doesn’t!  Our four generations of experience have taught us a lot about mattresses and fewer options are better. So, we designed a mattress that 96% of people love.

Transparency. Like our mattresses, we like to keep it simple.  Too much information, can become overwhelming.  For your inner engineer or obsessive compulsive self, we are an open book. If you can't find a detail that is important to you, contact us and we will overwhelm you with our mattress nerdiness.

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